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Pinned Article Employee Account (NetID) Creation Process

Employee accounts (NetID) are not automatically created. Accounts must be requested for new employees once their HR paperwork is completed including their I9. OIT cannot create an account until an employee has a V#. Depending on the time of year, it can take up to 10 business days for paperwork to be completed and V# created. To have everything setup for an employee’s first day please submit service request as soon as you have a start date and V#.

Pinned Article How do I submit my own Vandal Card Photo?

Process to submit a new photo for use on your Vandal Card.

How do I add/remove members from mail enabled groups/resource groups?

This tutorial will show group owners how to add and remove members from mail enabled security groups and resource groups through the account management page.

How do I change my account password?

Learn how to set the password on your account. To follow these directions you need to know your username, password and setup your security profile.

How do I change my name?

Name change process

How do I identify the PIK on a VandalCard?

This article explains the method of identifying the PIK. This is primarily used by gatekeepers or campus dining employees when adding access or meals to a person's card.

How do I reset my forgotten account password (NetID)?

Affiliates can reset their password if they have a Security Profile with 3 questions and 1 personal email address set up. If you do not have a security profile and have forgotten your password, please contact ITS.

How do I set up my security profile?

Setting up a security profile with a minimum of 3 questions and 1 contact enables the reset of a forgotton or compromised password.

How to migrate to an alumni account?

This tutorial is for instructions on how to set up an alumni account. This includes migrating a student account to an alumni account.

ITS Services for Emeritus Faculty and Honored Staff

This article details what email options are available for our Emeritus Faculty and Honored Staff. It also outlines technical support contact information as well as other IT services available to our customers after they retire.

Lost or Stolen VandalCard

This article provides general information about Vandal Cards, such as what to do if they get lost, associated fees, terms and conditions.

Student ID Retirement - Frequenty Asked Questions

Information regarding the discontinuation of Student ID's.

VandalCard - Frequently Asked Questions

This article serves as a self help page that answers frequently asked questions about vandal cards, and other forms of University of Idaho identification.

What is affiliation and when do accounts expire?

This article contains a brief overview of UI affiliation criteria and what happens when accounts lose affiliation.

Why do web services timeout and the period before the timeout?

Listing of common timeouts and why they are important.

How do I reactivate Duo Mobile?

Instructions for users to reactivate their Duo Mobile on a new phone

Guest Accounts

Guest account creation information.