How to change my display name?


When viewing your account information at you may see a message under "Why can't I edit?" saying your name and job title must be updated by an admin. This is true for employees and active students. For alumni and gold accounts the profile information, including your picture and name, can be updated using the instructions below.

Example "Why can't I edit?" screen:

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Update Profile Picture

To edit your profile picture. Click on the top right picture menu and hover over the profile picture and click on the camera icon. This will bring up a dialog to upload a new profile picture.

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Update Display Name

Your account display name can only be edited by following this link directly to the legacy Exchange Online account information:

Note: You will see an option to change the photo but we recommend using the instructions provided above.

Click on the "general" tab and you will see an option to change your First name, Initials, Last name and Display name. It may take up to 15 minutes to sync the new changes to all services.

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Error Messages

Warning: active employees and students are unable to change their display name information on this page. It will result in an error message.

Employee account update error message:

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