How to set up my security profile?


A "Security Profile" is a collection of at least three security questions and answers along with one or more verified email or phone contact.


Set Up

Sign-in to the account management page at using your University of Idaho NetID (username and password). If you have not set up your security profile, you will be greeted with a pop-up asking you to set up your security profile. Click setup security profile to continue.

Warning: You can opt out of the security profile, but this will mean that any time you forget your password, you will need to contact the Student Technology Center or your regional TSP to gain access to your account.

This prompt will give you the option to fill out your security profile each time you log in.
Screenshot of the security profile setup prompt


Add Information

Step 1: Click Add

Set up three or more security questions. On the security questions page, click the add button to begin adding security questions.

Click Add button to being adding security questions.
A screenshot of the Security Profile question set up page.


Step 2: Fill Out Three New Security Questions

A new window will pop up with a drop-down list of approved security questions and a field for you to type in your answer. Select a question from the drop-down list and type in your answer, which must be at least five characters long and is NOT case sensitive. Select security questions with answers that are easy to remember. With both fields filled out, click the Add Question button to save a question, and add another. The prompt will stay up and the question will be added to your list. Continue to add at least three questions. Once you have finished, close out of the prompt window and click the link Continue to Security Contacts.

Fill and complete three or more security question answers.
A screenshot of the prompt where you add security questions.


Step 3: Add a Security Contact

You will need to add at least one security contact to your security profile. A security contact is an accessible, non-UI email address or phone number that can be used to receive a security code and reset your password.

Click on the +New button to bring up the Security Contact Entry screen. You can add an email address or phone on this screen. Phones have the option to be sent either a text message or an automated voice call. Please note that if you set your phone number for text service, carrier rates for text messages may apply.

Select the contact you would like to use to verify your profile. Do not use a U of I address.
A screenshot of the verify contact entry box.


Step 4: Verify Security Contact

Enter your contact and click the Send Verification Code button. This will fairly quickly send a verification email, text message or call with your verification code to the contact you entered. Copy or type the code you receive into the window's text entry field to verify your contact is accessible.

Enter the Verification Code you received.
A screenshot of an email contact verification.


Step 5: Add More Contacts If Desired

It will be added to the list and show up with a green background, confirming it is verified. You can add and verify as many contacts as you would like.

The green background verifies your contact has been added.
A screenshot of the email/phone list under the security profile with an added contact.



Once you have at least 3 questions and 1 contact, your security profile will now be fully set up. You can use the profile to change your NetID password remotely, if you have forgotten your password or it has expired. This process will also work for your VandalMail password if you are an alumni/retiree. You can test your security questions and contacts and learn more about the process by going to our Account Management page and clicking the "click here to reset your password" link located in the section titled Security Profile.

Once you have completed the Security Profile, you will be able to review your profile contacts and test them on our reset page.
Screenshot of the main page before login where you can test your security profile.

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