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With the added usage of Zoom meetings across the world, there are people exploiting open meetings by joining the meeting, sharing very inappropriate material. In response to this the University of Idaho changed Zoom default settings; only the host can share. This article gives links on how the host can change those settings to allow participants to share. It also links on other features Zoom has to make a meeting private.
How to request the enabling of Live Transcription within a Zoom meeting.
Steps on how to call out to a remote classroom using Zoom.
How to set your preferred pronouns in Zoom.
This guide serves as a step by step for setting up zoom conference calls.
Steps to share a Wolfvision document camera through Zoom in a general classroom.
Many of the Zoom webinar features are available in a regular Zoom meeting. You may be able to operate your class, meeting, or conference so that it functions as a webinar without using a webinar license.
This article includes links on how to use some of Zoom's features including Zoom Test Call, Polling, System Requirements and Recording.
This article provides instructions for connecting a Video Conferencing room system to a third-party hosted Zoom meeting using the University of Idaho's Zoom licensing.
This article gives instructions on to setup Zoom meetings within Outlook ProPlus (Desktop) and Outlook Online.