How to send Group email to member Inboxes?


Microsoft 365 Groups are created for all Courses and are available with Microsoft Teams. These Groups can be used as an email distribution list but by default email is delivered to the Exchange Online Shared Mailbox associated with the Group. There are two methods to allow Group members to quickly view messages.


Option #1 - Select "Add to Favorites" or "Follow in inbox"

These options are available for all Group members and can be found in Outlook web while viewing the Group.

Add to Favorites will prominently display the Group mailbox in the top left folder list in Outlook.

Follow in inbox will allow viewing Group mailbox messages in the Outlook inbox

Note: both of these settings must be enabled by the Group member.

Option #2 - Select "Send all group conversations and events to members' inboxes."

This option is available to a Group owner and can be found in Outlook web under "Manage Groups".

Select the Group to manage and click on "Edit". Then select the inboxes checkbox and Save.


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