ITS Services for Emeritus Faculty and Honored Staff


To meet the needs of our Emeritus Faculty and Honored Staff, ITS will provide assistance setting up an ongoing email during the transition to retirement. University of Idaho retirees technical support is handled by our Region 8 Technology Solutions Partners.

ITS Contact Number:  208-885-4357


What Email Options are Available for Honored Staff or Emeritus Faculty?

There are several options for Honored Staff and Emeritus Faculty to choose from listed below.

  1. Close All Accounts
  2. Request an @gold email 
  3. Emeritus Faculty Only - Retain Current UI Account and Email
  4. What Software Can I use as Honored Staff or Emeritus Faculty?

Request account assistance


Option 1: Close All Accounts

All accounts will be closed upon retirement. No action is needed by retirees.



Option 2: Request an @gold Email

To request an @gold email please fill out the request form Honored Staff Email Request Form linked in the files to the right. Turn this in to the HR Benefits team who will sign off and forward the request to ITS. 

An @gold University of Idaho account is an email account only. Retirees can choose to use their @uidaho employee email prefix for their @gold email account if available.

Example: becomes

Important : University of Idaho policy no longer allows the email content of employee account be migrated to new gold account nor email forwarding to new gold account. Any exceptions must be approved by the employee's department and ITS Security. Honored staff may submit a public records request for email content to General Counsel post retirement (see attached form on this page).


After setting up the @gold email account, Retirees can choose to have it forwarded to a different personal email account (gmail, hotmail, etc). 

ITS does not recommend forwarding personal email to Note that is still subject to compliance with University policy. The University of Idaho maintains the right to block access to any account including 

Important : the gold account does not have rights to log into University-owned computer or access University of Idaho resources.  ITS recommends migrating to an @gold email after the last day of employment to prevent access loss.


Setting the Password

To set a password for your new @gold account, open up a browser and navigate to:

Log in and in the left navigation panel, click on "Change Alumni Password". Find your @gold account and select it. Set a password for the account and then click "Set new password". Look for the "Success" message to confirm that the password for the account set.

Image of Account Management Page


Accessing the New Email

To log into your new email, open up a web browser and navigate to:

Important : Use the full email address ( when logging in. Make sure to test the new password in a new tab or window before logging out of Account Management.

An image of the login screen when navigating to

Note: The can be added to an email application such as Outlook for convenient access.


Option 3: Emeritus Faculty Only - Retain current UI Account and Email

To request to retain your current UI account please submit a ticket to the ITS Support Portal. Attach a copy of your Emeritus award letter from the Provost as proof of status. Please include a full-time, board-affiliated department contact that ITS can reach out to in case the account needs to be temporarily sponsored to cover the affiliation gap that occurs between the last day of work and final paycheck (approx 2 weeks). 

As described in the Faculty Staff Handbook policy 1565.E, Emeritus Faculty can elect to keep their employee NetID and email.


Per APM 30.10 B-1 m, retirees will not have the option to forward their email to a personal email. 

ITS does not recommend forwarding personal email to at any time. Note that is subject to compliance with University policy. The UI also maintains the right to block access to any account including 

Important : There is about a 2-week delay between the last day of work and when the Emeritus status is changed in Banner. This is due to a payroll process. During this time, the account will need a sponsor to maintain its active status. Human resources cannot make the status change in Banner until after the last pay check. After Banner reflects the Emeritus status, the sponsorship is no longer necessary and dropped automatically.  



What Software can I use as Honored Staff and Emeritus Faculty?

Emeritus and Honored Retirees will be provided software when university licencing allows for it. 

Microsoft Office 365 through an or account



Sophos Home (antivirus) for Personal Computers

Sophos Home:

Note: Sophos Home use on personal computers is not monitored or supported by OIT. 

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