Why does a Microsoft 365 application display "Approval Required"?


The University of Idaho automatically blocks all applications which request permissions to access Microsoft 365. This is done to enforce identity and security policies. Users will see an "Approval required" screen that asks for justification to allow permissions to the application.



Applications which require access to employee account information must go through the IT Governance Process to review the application can store university owned data securely and will comply with technical controls to limit data loss. Employee data is subject to eDiscovery, records retention and federal and state law even if stored with third party services.

Many email applications cannot be approved as they cannot comply with data loss prevention controls.



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Fill in the reason you are wanting to use the application and click on "Request approval". This will allow admins to review the access required and either approve or deny the request.

Note: You will also need to create a support ticket for assistance reviewing the application.

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