VandalWeb Migration to MyUI and Banner Self-Service

VandalWeb Migration

Starting July 1, 2024, VandalWeb content will begin migrating to MyUI and Banner Self-Service. During these migrations, if you try to access those bookmarked Vandalweb pages, you will be directed here to this article.

What do I do if I have been re-directed here?

If you have been re-directed here, please log in to MyUI to access services.
You can search for services using the main menu on MyUI (top-left corner) and by choosing "Discover".

If you were trying to directly access Banner Admin, Banner Self-Service or The Enterprise Applications Page (formerly, you can find the new links at

Information and training videos for MyUI can be found on the MyUI website, and in the TDX MyUI Knowledgbase.

How do I search for content on MyUI?

Introductory videos for the dashboard can be found on the MyUI website

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