How to extend or remove Account Sponsorship?


Accounts which are owned by users who are not affiliated with the university may have an employee "Sponsor" their account. Account sponsorship must be reviewed once a year and can be extended or removed on the account management site.



Accounts which are already disabled cannot be modified on the web site. Please submit a request to your IT support for assistance.


How to Extend Sponsorship

Sign-in to the web page and select "Extend Expiration" from the menu. View the list of sponsored accounts and click on the checkbox to select the account. Then click on the "Extend" button at the top.

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Next, update the calendar expiration date select as preferred and click on "Extend Expiration".

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Note: Accounts should not be extended for more than 30 days at a time. Also, you may select more than one account by holding down the ctrl button when clicking on the selection checkbox.


How to Remove Sponsorship

To remove sponsorship, follow the same steps as extending the expiration but select the "Remove Sponsorship" button.

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You will be prompted to confirm the sponsorship removal.

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