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  1. How do I obtain a VandalCard?
  2. Can I use my preferred first name on my VandalCard?
  3. Where can the VandalCard be used?
  4. How do I obtain a different type of card or ID badge?
  5. What does the Classification on my Vandal Card mean?
  6. Why do affiliate cards require a sponsor?
  7. What is required of me as a sponsor?
  8. Non-Person card handing requirements


Request VandalCard assistance


How do I obtain a VandalCard?

You can request your VandalCard by going to and clicking "Request a VandalCard". Once you have submitted the request, the card will either be mailed to you or you can stop by and pick it up in the Student Technology Center in TLC 128. 

Students: Have to be registered for a least 1 credit for the semester that a card is requested.

Faculty/Staff/Affiliate: Employee status determines the requirements.


Can I use my preferred first name on my VandalCard?


If this is your first VandalCard:

Submit a request for a new VandalCard at and mention your preferred name in the description field and we will have it printed on the card.

If you already have a VandalCard:

You can exchange your current card for a new one by using the "Request a VandalCard" button at and selecting the "I need to update my VandalCard" option. Mention your preferred name in the description field and we will have it printed on the card. If you do not have your previous card, there is a $25 lost card fee for the new card, which can be paid by going to and choosing the "Purchase a Replacement Card" option. 


Where can the VandalCard be used?

The VandalCard has many uses on campus. They include but are not limited to the following:


  • Access to the University of Idaho Library
  • Access to recreational facilities
  • Access to athletic events ( for students with 8 or more credits)
  • Access to ASUI productions
  • Access to University Health Services
  • Access to authorized buildings, offices, residence halls, and campus meal plans.
  • Required identification for taking some tests.
  • Access to on-campus student discounts.
  • Access to merchant-sponsored student discounts where available.

Faculty and Staff

  • Access to the University of Idaho Library.
  • Access to recreational facilities. Facilities include Memorial Gym, Kibbie Activity Center, and Swim Center. Fee for using Student Recreation Center (SRC).
  • Access to authorized buildings, labs, offices, and meal plans.
  • Access to Educator’s discounts for products and travel.


How do I obtain a different type of card or ID badge?

Many departments require a separate ID badge for working on campus. An e-mail or memo from the individuals Supervisor is required for issuing these.

Alumni Cards

Qualified Alumni can purchase an ID card for use at the SRC for $10.00.

Staff/Student Spouse Cards

Spouse cards can be purchased for $10.00. They expire the same time the affiliate cards expire. Individuals must bring in addition to a valid ID, one of the following:

  • Marriage License or certificate (English Version)
  • Front page of last year’s 1040 Federal Tax form showing both names on it.
  • Valid Military Dependents ID card.

For other cards available, please contact the VandalCard Office.


Meal Plans and Dining Dollars?

Please find more information on the Meal Plans 2020-2021 article found here:


What does the Classification on my Vandal Card mean?

Classification on a Vandal Card is based on their affiliation with the University at the time of printing and may not match the current status of an individual. This will not stop the card from functioning and the individual can request a new card if their affiliation has changed. It is recommended to use Banner to ensure you have the most accurate affiliation for a person.

It is possible that an individual may fall under multiple Classifications. At this time, we are limited to only showing one affiliation, so we prioritize Student, Employee, Alumni, Retiree, and finally the other various affiliations based on the request.

Below is the list of the different Classifications we use, as well as what falls under each.

Classification Affiliation(s)
Affiliate Anyone who is not affiliated in some other way. This includes vendors, contractors, partner institutions such as the Health Clinic, etc.*
Alumni Anyone who is not a current student or employee, and who has taken classes at the UI.
Child. Ctr Patrons of the Childrens Center service, but who are not otherwise affiliated with the University.**
Conference One-time cards issued to conferences on campus with extremely limited duration.
Emergency Cards used by Moscow Emergency Services such as Police, Fire, or EMT services.
Employee Someone who is currently employed by the University (does not include vendors or contractors).
Recreation Patrons of Recreation and Wellbeing, or the UI Swim Center, but who are not otherwise affiliated with the University.**
Retiree Anyone who is not a current student or employee, and who qualifies according to Human Resources (in Banner) as a Retiree, Honored or Emeritus.
Spouse Someone who is married to a current Student or Employee. Note: Card Services does not validate marriage licenses.*
Student Someone who is either currently enrolled, or eligible to enroll in courses according to Banner.
Temp Cards issued to departments for temporary use, such as checked out guest cards.*
Test Cards used by OIT and their partners to run various tests on door systems and meal plans.
Clerk Cards used by a handful of individuals across campus to manage the Aero card readers.

*These cards are sponsored by an affiliated (employee, student) individual, and must be renewed yearly.
**These cards are sponsored by the departments involved in those services, but still must be renewed yearly.


Why do affiliate cards require a sponsor?

A sponsor is added to affiliate cards to keep track of who the person is working with on campus. When the card expires at the end of a year, the sponsor will receive an email to verify that the card is still needed. Non-person cards will also require a sponsor.


What is required of me as a sponsor?

A card sponsor is responsible for the use of the card. The sponsor must have an active affiliation with the university. When a sponsor leaves the university, cards that they are sponsoring will immediately become de-activated. It is important to find another sponsor before leaving.


Non-Person card handling requirement

Departments using non-person cards, such as temp cards, must keep an active log of who uses the card.


Contact VandalCard Services at

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