What is an "Official" email address in VandalWeb?


When you are using VandalWeb you may see one or more email addresses listed under the Official UI Email Address section. An "Official" email address is any personal email address ending with "uidaho.edu" that you own. This typically will be a single email address but may include both your student and employee email addresses if you have more than one account.

"Official" email addresses are automatically added when an account is created, and set as inactivate when an account is deleted.


Preferred Email Address

The Official email type should not be confused with the single Preferred email address you will see marked in BOLD in VandalWeb. The Preferred email address is used for all email communication from the University and there can only be a single email address marked as Preferred.

Example of Official UI Email Address fields and single Preferred email address:


If you would like to view your current email addresses please sign-in on the https://vandalweb.uidaho.edu/ system and navigate to:

  • Personal Information > View E-mail Address(es)

There is also an option on the page to update your existing preferred address.


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