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This tutorial is for instructions on how to set up an alumni account. This includes migrating a student account to an alumni account.
Setting up a VPN for Windows.
Learn how to install Office 365 on your Windows PC. Office 365 is provided for affiliated students and employees of the University.
Affiliates can reset their password if they have a Security Profile with 3 questions and 1 personal email address set up. If you do not have a security profile and have forgotten your password, please contact ITS.
Information about how to use VLab.
Learn how to set the password on your NetID account. To follow these directions you need to know your NetID, password and setup your security profile. Your NetID is the credential used on most University services.
A tutorial on how to map U and S drives to a computer running Windows. It includes instructions using the QuickConnect tool, as well as manually mapping the drives.
These tutorials go through how to use the Cisco IP Phone 8800 phone model.
List of student software.
This article explains how to check print quota using the ITS account Management Page (https://help.uidaho.edu).
This article explains how to connect to UI Wifi on an Android device.
This article defines the NetID and how new students can set up their new accounts.
A list of ESRI software available through the University of Idaho.
This article serves as a self help page that answers frequently asked questions about vandal cards, and other forms of University of Idaho identification.
A list of the software provided through ITS Security, with links for downloads.
This tutorial explains how to set up the UI VPN for a machine running OS X.
Setting up a security profile with a minimum of 3 questions and 1 contact enables the reset of a forgotton or compromised password.