How to transfer your Google account?


The University of Idaho has created an official Google Workspace, or G Suite for Education, tenant for the "" domain. Existing personal Google accounts using will need to be migrated, or transferred, to the "" organization.

Google has some documentation on the transfer process here: 


Privacy Warning

If you have personal information stored in your account, like personal Google Drive documents, YouTube videos, etc. you may want to decline the transfer request. Keep in mind, university owned data must be transferred to the "" organization. If you need assistance selectively migrating content please contact us for assistance.

Reminder: Approved file storage locations are documented here: 

All Google accounts in the domain are owned by the university and access will not be maintained after employment ends.


Transfer Email

To initiate the transfer process you will receive an email message from "The Google Cloud Team" ( The message subject will be "University of Idaho is requesting that you transfer your Google account".

Example message:

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Transfer Account

If you select the option to "Transfer account" you will be asked to sign-in to your personal account and you will see a "Welcome to Google Workspace Essentials" web page.

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Select "Continue" and the transfer process will be started with a status message as specific Google apps are being setup.

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Once the transfer is complete you will see the Google Dashboard. Click on the top right account button to view your account. It should display "This account is managed by".

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Note: There is also an on-screen notice about "Google Workspace services are managed by your administrator". Some Google applications have been disabled, or will be disabled, as they do not comply with University of Idaho policies.


Decline Transfer

If you decline the transfer request you will be required to change your account email address to something other than "". Typically you will have 14 days to either transfer your account to the "" organization or decline the request.

More information on declining the request is available here:





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