How do I add/remove members from mail enabled groups/resource groups?


 This tutorial requires that you are an owner of an existing University of Idaho mail-enabled security group through

  1. Logging In
  2. Adding & Removing Members
  3. Adding Members
  4. Removing Members

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After changing the group membership there is a sync delay of up to 30 minutes for the membership to be synchronized with the Exchange Online cloud service.


Logging In

Step 1

Go to the University of Idaho Account Management page at and log in with your username and password. Authenticate with Duo when prompted.

Go to and log in.
Screenshot of going to log in screen.


Step 2

Once logged in, select Manage Groups from the left menu options.

Select Owner/Sponsor then Manage groups.
Image of selecting the "Owner/Sponsor", then "Manage groups."

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Adding and Removing Members

From the Groups page, select the group you would like to manage. The save button will save a list of all the members of your group as an excel file. To add or remove group members, click the Members button. From this menu you can see a list of the users in your group.

Select your group.Click the Members button once your group is selected.
Image of selecting a group.



Adding Members

Step 1

To add a member, press the + Add button.

Press the Add button.
Image of pressing the "Add" button.


Step 2

Enter an email address, username/NetID, or Vandal number into the text box that appears. Add multiple users by listing each user on a new line. Once you have typed in the names of all the users you wish to add to your group, click +Add Members.

Enter an email or username and click add members.
Image of typing in member IDs and pressing the +Add Members button.


Step 3

A success message should appear that shows group membership updates. The users should now appear in your members list. If a member was not successfully added to your group, make sure you have entered the correct account information.

A success message will appear.
Image of the success message appearing on the screen.

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Removing Members

Step 1

To remove a member from your group, select their name from your members list and click Delete.

Remove a member by selecting the member, then clicking delete.
Image of removing a member by selecting the member, then clicking delete.


Step 2

A verification window will appear that will ask if you want to delete the selected group member(s). If you change your mind, you can press Cancel. Otherwise, click Delete Members.

Are you sure you want to delete them from the group?
Image of the prompt asking if you want to delete the member from the group.


Step 3

A confirmation message will appear that says “Group members successfully deleted.” Press OK. The user will no longer appear in your member list. You can add or delete members at any time using this process.

Press OK to close the confirmation window.
Image of the confirmation window.

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