How to resolve the error "CAS service provider is not authorized" for VandalWeb?


When you attempt to sign-in to VandalWeb, or another Banner service, you may see this error message:

CAS service provider is not authorized


Example browser screenshot:

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This message is displayed by "WSO2 Identity Server" which is an application bundled with the Ellucian Ethos Identity (EEI) product which is used for Single Sign-On (SSO) to Banner applications. It functions as a SAML to CAS sign-on gateway which is why it states the CAS service provider is not authorized.

This error can occur for a few reasons.

  • The most common issue is the Ellucian Ethos Identity (EEI) database connectivity may be failing due to an expired password, database connectivity or similar issue.
  • It is also possible for part of the EEI service to be in a failed state.
  • One of the "CAS" Banner Apps may be misconfigured.

This is typically not a client side issue but to verify, open a new private browser window and attempt to access You may also want to try clearing your browser cache and restarting the browser. If the problem persists contact your local support person by selecting Request Assistance.




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