What does the error "CAS service provider is not authorized" mean?


When you attempt to sign-in to VandalWeb, or another Banner service, you may see this error message:

CAS service provider is not authorized


Example browser screenshot:

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This message is displayed by "WSO2 Identity Server" which is an application bundled with the Ellucian Ethos Identity (EEI) product which is used for Single Sign-On (SSO) to Banner applications. It functions as a SAML to CAS sign-on gateway which is why it states the CAS service provider is not authorized.

This error can occur for a few reasons.

  • The most common issue is the Ellucian Ethos Identity (EEI) database connectivity may be failing due to an expired password, database connectivity or similar issue.
  • It is also possible for part of the EEI service to be in a failed state.
  • One of the "CAS" Banner Apps may be misconfigured.

This is typically not a client side issue but to verify, open a new private browser window and attempt to access https://vandalweb.uidaho.edu/. You may also want to try clearing your browser cache and restarting the browser. If the problem persists contact your local support person by selecting Request Assistance.




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