What is affiliation and when do accounts expire?

Affiliation Criteria

You are affiliated with the UI if you are a student or employee who meets the criteria below.

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  • Eligible to register in a future term (up to 2 years)
  • Active Engineering Outreach or Independent Study
  • Admitted in the current or future term
  • Registered in the current or future term
  • Graduated within the past year:
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Fall
  • Late registration grace period = 2 weeks into the term.


  • Pending Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) to create an active employee position
  • Active employment record with Human Resources
  • Temporary Help Employee
  • Retiree - Honored Staff or Emeritus Faculty
  • 9-month faculty appointment recorded with Human Resources
  • Affiliate record in Employee Base Table (PEBEMPL) or Jobs Table (NBRJOBS) for non-paid or non-HR managed positions

When an employee's EPAF is done being processed they are officially affiliated with the University as an employee. The system automatically removes sponsorship status, as it is no longer required.

A functional (group) account owner must match employee affiliation criteria.


Account Expiration Process

When Affiliation Criteria Ends:


  1. Immediate account deletion if no password has been set
  2. Email notices are sent 14 days and 7 days before the account is disabled.
  3. The account is disabled after 14 days and cannot be accessed using credentials.
  4. The account is deleted 4 weeks after it has been disabled.
  5. Notices of deletion are sent to uidaho and security profile emails.

 Employees + Functional Accounts

  1. Account is immediately disabled on position end date.
    • A grace period of 120 days is allowed for positions with job classifications GA, RA, TA, F9, F5 and SS. This allows grade submission, access during the summer and to cover other special leave situations.
  2. An email notice is sent to the account's supervisor including:
    • functional account ownership
    • sponsored account list
    • group ownership
  3. The account is deleted 4 weeks after being disabled.
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