IAM - How do I migrate to an alumni account?


For graduates, UI accounts expires one year after you leave the university. Other accounts expire after you are no longer eligible to enroll in courses. OIT provides a convenient way for you to save your emails, contacts and continue using VandalMail by migrating to an Alumni account. 



Warning: You will no longer be able to access these services after your account is migrated to @alumni.uidaho.edu. Be sure to retrieve any information needed prior to migrating your account.

  • VandalWeb
  • Canvas
  • AirVandalGold
  • Student Computer Labs
  • UI Software Licenses
  • Your @vandals OneDrive Account


Request account assistance


Instructions For Setting Up an Alumni Account:

Step 1:

Navigate to https://help.uidaho.edu/ and log in using your username. 

You must have a Security Profile set up before you can migrate your account.

You must have a Security Profile set up before you can migrate your account.
You must have a Security Profile set up before you can migrate your account.


Step 2:

From the menu on the left select Migrate to Alumni/Gold.

If your account is eligible for migration, it will be listed on this page. If your account is not listed, please contact the Student Technology Center.


Step 3:

Check the box next to your account and click Migrate Account. This process cannot be undone. When you are ready, press Migrate Account again to begin the process.

Wait for the progress bar to show that the migration has finished. This process is usually 15 minutes, but can take a number of hours depending on mailbox size.


Step 4:

Once the process has finished, select the "Change Alumni Password" menu item. Check the box next to your account and enter a password that meets new password guidelines.

Be sure to confirm the password in the second box and then click Set New Password.

Alumni passwords expire periodically, but you can change your password at any time by returning to Account Management.


Step 5:

Your VandalMail account has been updated to a new @alumni.uidaho.edu account. Any emails sent to your @vandals account will be automatically delivered to your new Alumni inbox.

To log in to your Alumni account, navigate to https://mail.uidaho.edu/.

Make sure to use your full alumni email address, including @alumni.uidaho.edu, when logging in. You should now be logged into your Alumni email account.


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