Overview of OIT Procurement Process

Policy 30.16 Technology Hardware Life cycle Management requires technology hardware as defined in the policy to be purchased through OIT regardless of funding source. Standard technology hardware will be purchased unless the standard does not meet the requirements or specifications of intended use for the hardware; exceptions must be pre-approved. Noncompliance may include technology hardware disabled or removed from the university network; blocked from accessing University systems; and/or technology hardware returned to the vendor.


Process Overview

The procurement process begins by submitting a procurement request.  

To complete a request, be prepared with:  

  • Index number  
  • Fiscal contact
  • Description of the hardware or software purchase you would like to make 

What happens after your request is submitted: 

  • If your purchase is a "Typical Purchase", your order will be sent directly to OIT Procurement for review and processing. 
    • All other purchases will be reviewed by your TSP to determine what hardware or software is needed.
  • If your purchase requires an exception request for specialty hardware, your TSP will work with you on that process. 
  • Once your TSP confirms the purchase, they will move the request to the OIT procurement office who then processes the order.  
  • Your TSP is your primary contact for any questions or updates about your request. 

All items that are not in stock will be ordered from a list of vendors as soon as possible. 

Hardware will be configured as necessary and delivered to your TSP. Your TSP performs any user-specific configurations, such as adding printers and/or applications. The item is then delivered and set up for you (as needed depending on hardware requested) by your TSP. 

OIT Procurement processes the billing for all orders as soon as the order has been submitted.

Standard Hardware

The OIT procurement office purchases computers and peripherals for the University of Idaho. Computer standards are reviewed throughout the year and updated as needed. Standards are set to meet the anticipated requirements for the next 4 years without significant degradation of performance. Standard Windows computers and peripherals are purchased in bulk to reduce cost and for quick deployment. There are times when this is not possible during computer and/or part shortages.  

Every computer purchased meets the U of I IT standards. All computers are purchased with a 4-year on-site warranty with laptops also getting accidental damage protection (ADP) for Windows systems and a 4-year AppleCare+ warranty with limited accidental damage protection. 

Many models can be modified to meet specific requirements (more RAM, larger storage capacity). Make sure to mention any software-required hardware specifications in the New Hardware Procurement request and your TSP or Local Support team will work with you. 


Bulk Hardware

Bulk items such as large quantities of hardware, or large items like TV displays may have additional shipping charges associated with the purchase. Please consult with your TSP regarding these types of orders. 


Standard Software

The OIT Procurement office purchases a variety of software for the University of Idaho. Software requests that are non-standard may be subject to a review by the IT Security team for compliance.  

Some standard software, such as Microsoft and Adobe applications, are kept in stock to reduce deployment times. Your TSP can consult with you to decide what software best meets your needs. 

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