How to submit your own Vandal Card Photo?


Students can submit their own photos to use for their Vandal Cards. While there are limitations on what will be accepted for identification, submitting a photo online saves time and ensures your photo will look exactly as you hoped it would!

Warning: the OIT Vandal Card Office will be reviewing all photos before they are printed on a card. Inappropriate photos may be submitted to the Dean of Students or Human Resources Office for disciplinary action.


UI Bound

For UI Bound participants, click here to go to the Vandal Card Request Page:


Step 1: Sign-In

In the top right corner of this page, there will either be your name or an option that says, “Sign In”. If you see your name, no further action is required for this step – you are already logged in! If the “Sign In” option is showing, select it and log in with your University of Idaho credentials.


Step 2: Select/Take a Photo

You may use a prior photo, provided it meets the requirements listed below. Otherwise, using your favorite photo app (such as on a smartphone or iOS), take a photo that meets the following conditions:

  • No scenery or other people in the background
  • No sunglasses, hats or non-religious head wear obscuring your face
  • No side-angle shots
  • No gestures, or anything else obscuring your face
  • A flat color background such as a wall
  • Photo must be unedited
  • No filters
  • No pictures of pictures



        This is a proper photo             

        These are improper photos

TIP: If you are having trouble identifying what is appropriate for a Vandal Card photo, use US passport or Driver's License photos as a reference!


Step 3: Filling out the Vandal Card Form

Navigate to the Vandal Card Form listed here: Vandal Card form.

Fill out the form with your information. You can pick it up at the Student Technology Center (TLC128) OR have it mailed to your home.


Step 4: Attach the Photograph

Click Browse under "Attach Photograph Here".

Click browse

Navigate to your photo and click "Open".

Alternatively: On a mobile device click the Camera button, and take a selfie instead of uploading a saved photo.

Select your photo and click 'Open'


Step 5: Submit the Request!

Click "Request" at the bottom. Congrats! Your request for a Vandal Card is now under review by our Vandal Card Team! Should the photo be approved and the information filled out correctly, you will have your Vandal Card shortly. 

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