Recently Modified Articles

This is the KB Article that has information to apply at the Student Technology Center.
Instructions for users to reactivate their Duo Mobile on a new phone
With the added usage of Zoom meetings across the world, there are people exploiting open meetings by joining the meeting, sharing very inappropriate material. In response to this the University of Idaho changed Zoom default settings; only the host can share. This article gives links on how the host can change those settings to allow participants to share. It also links on other features Zoom has to make a meeting private.
Remote reboot instructions for Bitlocker users.
Options for choosing location to save files from GJIREVO.
This article contains information about Whole Disk Encryption at U of I.
This is a summary of the MS Teams roll out to the entire University in Spring of 2020. Is a place for updates about the rollout and training available. This article will link to other resources for how to and instructions.
Information on getting access to Microsoft Teams and frequently asked questions.
Essential Cyber Security Tips for UI Employees
This article answers frequently asked questions about the Outlook Web app used by students and employees at the University of Idaho.
This article is a quick rundown of the current status's in TDX. Keep in mind this can change as we move through the process and more information is in the TDX strategy guide.
A step-by-step guide for users to use RDP to remotely access their work computers from home.
In the case that a user forgets the Power-On-Authentication passphrase that they set when encryption was enabled, this tutorial will demonstrate how a recovery key can be generated so that they can boot their Windows computer and reset their passphrase.
Having an and an is important for student employees at the University. It helps protect a students education-related data and keep University business separate to maintain official University records and comply with U of I policy (in APM 30.10).
How to update MP3 metadata for Stage 1 of the KUOI Library Digitization project.
This article provides answers to common questions UI affiliates may have about Office 365 ProPlus and its use. It also has links to Microsoft training resources.
This article includes links on how to use some of Zoom's features including Zoom Test Call, Polling, System Requirements and Recording.
This guide serves as a step by step for setting up zoom conference calls.
A tutorial on how to map U and S drives to a computer running Windows. It includes instructions using the QuickConnect tool, as well as manually mapping the drives.
This is a step-by-step guide for gaining access to, installing, and using Cisco Jabber. Cisco Jabber is a piece of soft-phone software that enables mobile users to access their University of Idaho VOIP phones while working remotely. Using this software, you can access your voice messages and place/receive calls from your desktop or mobile phone.