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This guide describes the current settings enforced for High Risk data access on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.
The following locations have been approved by ITS for storage of university data, consistent with U of I policies and standards.
Information to help you identify different classifications of data, which may require different technical controls.
How to record your show at home for KUOI.
Information about Student Computing Lab hours and locations.
Information on how to access UI drives off campus.
This article describes how to mount U and S drives to a Mac running OSX.
A tutorial on how to map U and S drives to a computer running Windows. It includes instructions using the QuickConnect tool, as well as manually mapping the drives.
This article explains the process to request a new S: Drive folder. It also explains the Structure of the S: Drive, and how to change the owner of a folder .
Instructions on erasing hard disk drives.
Information about and how to wipe the information before disposing of or otherwise permanently relinquishing control of devices capable of storing information using a DBAN CD.
Instructions on erasing solid-state drives.
Instructions on securely erasing an Android devie
Instructions for erasing an iOS device.
This article goes through the steps to set up and manage voicemail.
Which Microsoft storage and collaboration tool should you use in various situations? This article describes the use of each along with U of I's intentions for file storage.
This article provides an outline of features in the Cisco Self Care Portal.
IT Security primer for incoming students.
This guide serves as a step by step for setting up zoom conference calls.