Recently Modified Articles

This article defines a sponsored account, when one is required, what information is needed to obtain a sponsored account, how to renew sponsorship and set the password for the sponsored account.
Gatekeeper access and privileges.
A guide to using Microsoft Stream.
This article describes a UI employee's options for mass mailing.
This article provides Cisco Phone PIN information.
Which Microsoft storage and collaboration tool should you use in various situations? This article describes the use of eat and U of I's intentions for file storage.
Information about the document cameras equipped in classrooms on the UI campus.
This guide serves as a step by step for setting up zoom conference calls.
Steps to share a Wolfvision document camera through Zoom in a general classroom.
How to contact Technology Solutions Partners for classroom support.
This article explains how to use video conferencing equipment in certain classrooms on campus.
Information about and helpful tips on identifying phishing emails.
Answers to frequently asked questions about email phishing.
Individual files or folders on a SharePoint site cannot be shared like files and folders on OneDrive. The site's owner must add a University of Idaho faculty or staff to the SharePoint site. This knowledge base articles show how an owner of SharePoint site can give access to University employee.
This article explains the process to request a new S: Drive folder. It also explains the Structure of the S: Drive, and how to change the owner of a folder .
This article describes how to sync SharePoint folders and files with the OneDrive client.
Information about the appropriate use of OneDrive at University of Idaho.