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Cyber Security Tips for traveling abroad
Information on how to access UI drives off campus.
This article provides information for a migration to SharePoint of S: drive (Shared Spaces) files/folders. Learn when, how and what will happen, what you need to do and what resources are available for learning more about SharePoint.
Web space access procedures.
Comprehensive list of how to connect to U of I networks.
Information about how to host a webpage through the University as an employee, and resources for other affiliates.
This article explains how to connect to Active Directory (AD) on a Windows Machine using the domain joining tool.
This article explains how to find a MAC address on an iOS device.
This tutorial demonstrates how to set up Outlook in OS X on an Apple computer.
This article defines a sponsored account, when one is required, what information is needed to obtain a sponsored account, how to renew sponsorship and set the password for the sponsored account.
This article explains the process for publishing your calendar availability from the Outlook Web Application.
This tutorial outlines the steps to setting up your Outlook email account on the Macintosh Mail Application.
Information about the appropriate use of OneDrive at University of Idaho.
Answers to frequently asked questions about using filtering tools in OWA and how ITS supports them.
This article explains how to use features in the Skype for Business application.
This article goes through the steps on how to recover email and goes over recovery options.
Quotas have been applied to all permissions-level folders on the S:\ drive. These are in place to prevent unchecked data consumption, monitor growth, and prevent file service outages. This article contains information on what quotas are set to and how you can help.
This article provides links to instructions on how to install Skype for Business on a WIndows machine and a Mac.
This article answers frequently asked questions about the Outlook Web app used by students and employees at the University of Idaho.
This article answers frequently asked questions for using the native OS X mail app.