What is URL Defense?


Why are all of the links in email pointing to the https://urldefense.com/ domain? This articles provides an overview of Proofpoint URL Defense.

At any time you can report an email to OIT Security for analysis using the guide at https://support.uidaho.edu/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=70.

What is Proofpoint URL Defense?

Proofpoint URL Defense protects against malicious email links. When an email is received, URL Defense rewrites all links in the message to redirect to the Proofpoint email filter. If you click a rewritten link, your browser is sent to Proofpoint first which only allows your browser to visit the original website if it is not categorized as malicious. A malicious website can still go undetected and a rewritten link could lead to a malicious website. Please exercise caution when clicking links in email, especially from unknown sources.

Re-written links start with https://urldefense.com/.  The visible link text is not changed, however, if you hover your mouse over the link you can see the re-written link, as shown below in Outlook:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

In Outlook Web App (OWA):

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How do I know a link was blocked?

If a link is blocked by Proofpoint, you will see the following page in your web browser. This indicates the link was categorized as malicious by Proofpoint's automated security system or the OIT Security team.

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A link was blocked that I need to access. How do I request access?

If a link is blocked, you can request the link be reviewed and the block removed if the website is not malicious. To request review, please contact your local support team, send an email to support@uidaho.edu, or submit a ticket through the Request Service button.




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