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This article explains the process used when identifying the risks associated with a particular product or service for the intended use.
This tutorial explains how to set up VPN for an iOS device.
This tutorial explains how to obtain a license and install Sophos Home.
This article contains resources and information to enroll and implement multi-factor authentication at U of I.
Overview, FAQ, and change log of the data security standards
Remain vigilant this holiday season for hackers, scammers, and online thieves trying to steal your personal and financial information while you shop. To help keep your information secure, please consider the following.
This tutorial goes over how to set up the UI Cisco Any Connect VPN onto a Linux machine.
Setting up VPN for Android.
This article describes how to properly report a phishing message.
Follow these tips to help keep your data, accounts, and the university secure!
Cyber Security Tips for traveling abroad
This article describes how to manage and dispose of records, as well as the security implications of the included processes.
This article explains the why and how for implementing different security measures for your account and computer.
Essential Cyber Security Tips for UI Employees