What Microsoft 365 Applications are approved for use?


The University of Idaho automatically blocks all applications which request permissions to access Microsoft 365, previously known as Office 365. This is done to enforce identity and security policies. The applications listed below have already gone through the "Admin Consent Approval" process.


Application Approved for Students Approved for Employees
Apple Internet Accounts (Mail.app)
AutoCAD (web app)

(Future IT Governance Review)

(Future IT Governance Review)
LabStats Portal - Cloud Specialized Permissions
Microsoft FlowRPCustomerConnector
Microsoft Minecraft for Education Edition
Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android
Microsoft Outlook for Desktop
Microsoft Office
Microsoft OneNote Web Clipper
Nine for Office 365
OneDrive Client for Linux
(Future IT Governance Review)
Team Dynamix OneDrive Integration
Wrike for OneDrive and Teams Approved Department Only



Applications Denied

The following applications have been denied. See Why was my Microsoft 365 Application "Approval required" request denied?. If you feel there is a core need for a denied applications please submit a ticket for it to be further reviewed by ITS Security.

Application Date
Adobe Acrobat (Use OneDrive Sync client to read/write PDF files stored in SharePoint. See Sync SharePoint Folders and Files for help) 7/29/2020
Boomerang for Outlook 8/20/2020
DropBox 7/29/2020
EdisonMail (Outlook is officially supported email client) 7/29/2020
GroupMe 7/29/2020
Group Calendar - NextSet for Office 365 7/29/2020
Microsoft Photos (OneDrive client is an alternative) 7/30/2020
MyFiles 7/29/2020
Outlook Calendar for Slack 7/29/2020
Polly (Microsoft Forms is an alternative) 7/29/2020
Trello 9/23/2020