What is the lifecycle of a student account?


Student accounts are usually created when a student is admitted to the university and deleted one year after graduation. This article provides information on the normal account lifecycle of a student account. Account management processes are managed through the Identity and Access Management services team at the university.



Accounts *must* remain actively used, with a sign-in event at least once every 180 days, regardless of their affiliation status. An inactive account will be disabled and marked for deletion.


Account Lifecycle

Typical student account lifecycle:

  • Account Creation - The account creation process can be triggered by Admissions, Registrar and Independent Study data.
  • Registration - Once the student is admitted there is a two year grace period to register for classes. A student account can be active for 2 years between class registration.
  • Graduation - Once the student has graduated there is a two year grace period to opt-in to having an @alumni.uidaho.edu account
  • Account Deletion - Once affiliation ends the account deletion process starts.
    • The student will be notified two weeks before the account is disabled.
    • The account will remain disabled for 4 weeks before deletion.
    • Account information can be restored for another 4 weeks after deletion.

Here is a visual representation of the typical lifecycle of a student account:

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Data Retention / Recovery

When an account is deleted the account contents will also be deleted. There is a short period of time where data is retained and can be recovered after an account is deleted.

  • Exchange Online Mailbox
    • 30 Day Restore
    • Mailbox content, including Inbox, Calendar and Contacts, can be recovered for up to 30 days after an account is deleted.
  • Active Directory Account
    • 60 Day Restore
    • The account itself can be restored for up to 60 days after an account is deleted.
  • OneDrive Site and Files
    • 90 Day Restore
    • The OneDrive site, and all files, folders and permissions, can be restored up to 90 days after an account is deleted.



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