How to reset a forgotten account password?


If you forgot your password and need to reset it, you can use your security profile to log in and reset your password.



You need to have set up a Security Profile with 3 questions and 1 personal email address for this process to work. If you do not have a security profile and have forgotten your password, please contact the STC or your regional TSP.


Security Reset Process

Step 1: Navigate to Account Management

Navigate to

Click the text that says “click here to reset your password”

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Step 2: Complete CAPTCHA

Complete the CAPTCHA and click continue

Complete the CAPTCHA to continue.

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Step 3: Lookup Account

In the text box, enter one of the following:

  • Account Username
  • Student Number
  • Vandal (V) Number
  • Email Address ( must be on your record at the U of I

Press lookup

Use the lookup button to lookup your account.

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Step 4: Verification Code

Select a contact that you have access to and click "send code" to send a verification code to this email or phone number. If you do not see an accessible form of contact for code delivery, contact your local TSP or the STC to update your Security Profile.

Once verification is sent to chosen contact, enter into the “Enter Verification Code” text box

Click Continue

Select the secure account or device to send the security verification code.

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Step 5: Answer Security Questions

Enter the answers to the security questions. (Remember the answers are case sensitive and longer than 5 characters)

Click Continue to be taken to your account’s password reset page.

Answer the security questions to gain access to your account.

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