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Accounts, Groups & Passwords

Service used within TDNext.

Administrative Applications

Service used within TDNext.

Admissions Processing

Requests for training on admission applications in Slate including Slate Reader, assistance with existing admission application reports, and requests for new reports on those in the application stage.

Advancement Records Updates and Prospect Requests

Advancement Data Services is the Advancement department that's responsible for entering, storing, securing, maintaining and retrieving most of the data related to the University of Idaho’s Alumni, supporters, donors and internal operations.

Advancement Report Request

Request University Advancement constituent data.

All Access Pass Request

Individuals can request an All Access Pass for campus events.

Annual Adobe Software Renewal

Every year Adobe products purchased for the UI needs to be renewed or the license is canceled. By submitting this form during the renewal period the licenses are updated for another year.

Anti-virus (Sophos)

What software can be loaded to protect the data my desktop and laptop computers?

Argos Requests

Argos services provided by Business Systems

Ask a Question about an Administrative Application

I need to request help or ask a question about an Administrative Application


Banner Request

Services provided by the Business Systems Team.

Building Access

Request VandalCard electronic access and physical keys for the Multi-use facilities.

Building Maintenance

Submit a maintenance request for the Idaho Student Union Building, Bruce Pitman Center, Teaching and Learning Center, or Kibbie Dome.



I have a request or question about calendars.


Use this service ticket to submit an EPAF request to the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences.

Campus Visits

Requests for Slate related questions, information, and/ or reports can be submitted using this portal.

Central Scheduling

Reserve a space for a meeting, event or activity.

ChromeRiver Requests

ChromeRiver services provided by Business Systems

Classroom Technology & Student Computing Labs

Service used within TDNext.

Classroom Technology Issue

I need to report an issue with multimedia computers and audio-video equipment in classrooms.

Classroom Technology Request

I need help with multimedia computers and audio-video equipment in classrooms.

Cloud Storage

Personal cloud storage for files.

Connect to Departmental Printers

I need to connect to the printer in my department.

Consulting, Training, & Projects

Service used within TDNext.

Criminal Background Check

Department Request for Criminal Background Check

CRM Technical Analytics

Use this form for updating, creating, or removing any dashboards, views, or templates in CRM.


Data Request

Data can be requested.

Data Security & Records

Service used within TDNext.

Digital Flatscreen Request

Submit your slides to run on the screens at the ISUB

Document Collection Assistance

This service provides assistance in collecting electronic documentation for a legal request.



I have a request or question about Student, Staff or Faculty email.

Email, Messaging & Web

Service used within TDNext.

Engineering Outreach Request

Request support from Engineering Outreach.

Enrollment Marketing

The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Enrollment Marketing area provides marketing support.

Entertainment Expense Form

Enter requests here for student events, promotional meals, departmental gatherings, etc.

EPAF Request

This form is for SEM employees to request an EPAF.

EPAF Request Form

Use this service request to submit an EPAF to the College of Engineering.

Event Support Request

Event Support can be requested.

Extra Patrol Request

Extra patrols by police and/or security can be requested


Faculty Request for Proposal Development Assistance

Please complete this form to request proposal development service(s) from the Research and Faculty Development team.

File Recovery

Can a file that I have deleted or can't find be recovered?
How do I recover a file?

File Storage

Service used within TDNext.


I'm having an issue with my firewall

Firewall Tools

How do I obtain access to NMS firewall management tools?


General Request for Campus Safety and Security

This can be used for any request where a specific request form is not available.

General Service Request

You are requesting service from CDA Building and Grounds such as moving help, repairs, and improvements. Please be as specific as possible in your request and let me know if you need the service done at a specific time or completed by a specific date please include that.

Guest or Eduroam WiFi

I need help with Guest or Eduroam WiFi


Hardware & Software

Service used within TDNext.

Hardware Issue

Support for broken hardware or hardware not working properly including desktop computers, laptops, mice, keyboards, printers, etc.

Hardware Service Request

Faculty and staff requests for hardware support including moves, preparing technology for new employee, re-imaging a computer, consulting, etc.

HyFlex Classroom Assistance

Use this form to submit a ticket if you are having issues with technology in a Hyflex classroom. The nearest TSP/Local Support will be notified and will come to the classroom as quickly as possible. If the room or building you are in is not listed then it has not been designated for immediate IT support. Contact your Local Support to report an issue or need assistance. Please note in the additional information section if this is not an urgent issue or you won't be in the room when support arrives.


I Have a Technology Need

I would like to consult with a representative about an IT solution to address a need or problem. This service will initiate the IT Governance & Prioritization process.

Increase Storage Space on the S: Drive (on-premise)

Request to increase storage space on S: drive (on-premise)

Instant Messaging

I have a request or question about using UI-supported instant messaging apps.

ITS Technology Lending

ITS owned equipment that can be requested to be borrowed for short periods of time.


Key Request

Request keys for buildings and rooms.

KUOI DJ NAS Access Request Form

Request DJ access to the KUOI NAS.

KUOI Hardware Issue

Report issues with equipment in KUOI's studio.


Large Storage Requests

Large storage or research storage assistance.

Lost and Found

Lost and found request for items that have been lost in and around campus.


Mobile App Support

Registration and ongoing administration and support of mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

General support for installing mobile apps commonly used at the University of Idaho including Outlook and DUO.

MultiFactor Authentication (MFA/DUO)

I want to enroll in Multifactor Authentication (MFA/Duo)?


Network Support For Events

I'm planning an event and need internet available

New File Storage Location

How do I:
- manage my u drive quota?
- mount my U and S drives in Windows?
- mount my U and S drives in OS X?
- access my User and Shared drives while off campus?
- create a new folder on the shared drive or SharePoint Storage Site?

New Hardware Procurement Request

For requesting U of I approved standard Apple and HP products or submitting non-standard item request for approval. If your hardware is broken or malfunctioning please submit an Incident Ticket.

New Vandal Account

I need a new Vandal account for myself or someone else. Please submit requests for new accounts as soon as new employee has a Vandal number.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For

Choose this if you have an Account, Access or Password concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have an Administrative Application concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have a student labs or classroom technology question about something not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have a Consulting, Training, or Project concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have a Security or Records concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have an Email, Messaging or Web concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have a Electronic File Storage concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have a Hardware or Software concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have a Phones or Conferencing concern not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you have a printing issue or have a printer-related request that is not listed above.

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

Choose this if you are having a WiFi or Connectivity issue not listed above

Notice of Intent (NOI) to Apply for a Limited Submission Funding Opportunity

To indicate interest in pursuing a limited submission funding opportunity, please complete the short form found by clicking the "Request Service" button on this web page. You will choose the particular program that you're applying to from the drop-down menu or manually enter the name of the program if this is not included in the menu.


Other Requests for Business Systems Team

You can make requests of the Business Systems Team that do not match other available services.

Other Video Conferencing

I am having issues with video conferencing.


Phone Service Request

Request a new telephone service, phone, changes to existing service, fax support or a softphone.

Phones & Conferencing

Service used within TDNext.

Policy Exception

Use this service to request an exception to UI policy or standards. An exception requires an in-depth review by the ITS Security Office in order to establish the appropriate documentation and mitigation of any potential security risks introduced by an exception.

Print Quota

I want information about my print quota.

Printer Issues

A printer is not functioning normally but had been previously setup on the network.

Printer Setup

New printers need to be configured for general printing or Banner printing.


Service used within TDNext.

Project Consulting & Tools

I need guidance/assistance with project management
I need access to project management tools in the Work Management System

Purchase a Department Printer/Scanner/Copier (MFD)

I want to purchase or configure a printer, scanner, copier, or other printing equipment.


Records Center Storage

How do UI records get stored? How do I retrieve a stored record?

Records Information Release Policy and Confidentiality Statement Form

Required to access information maintained by UI Advancement.


Support for recruitment based queries/reports, training, and any troubleshooting or questions.

Report an Application Issue

I want to report an Issue or Outage to one of the Universities Administrative Applications

Request Application Access

I need access to an Administrative Application (i.e. Marketplace/Touchnet, Argos/Evisions, Oracle Imaging, CS Gold, etc.)

Request Assistance from the Office of Technology Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer can help faculty, staff, and students with the Invention Disclosure process (to assess and protect new inventions or discoveries), Material Transfer Agreements (for the exchange of controlled or sensitive materials, including data), Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements (to protect the exchange of confidential information), and advising for UI-affiliated people regarding protecting and commercializing intellectual property.

Request DUO Token

Request DUO Token for Multi-factor Authentication

Request Email List

I need a group created for others to share for sending emails or using shared folders.

Request for hire

This is where the hiring process begins for all employees within your department/unit. You will request to hire Temp Lecturers, Temp Help, Work Studies, TA/RA, etc by using this form. Please note that not all employees requested on this form will be hired; their hiring will be based on available funds, departmental and college approval, successful completion of a background check, etc.

Request Mail-Enabled Group

I need to create a mail-enabled group with or without moderation.

Request New Marketplace Store

Marketplace / TouchNet is the University of Idaho's Ecommerce platform. All staff members are welcome to sell products using Marketplace.

Research, Infrastructure, and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) Internal Funding Opportunities Application

Research, Infrastructure, and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) Internal Funding Opportunities Application

Reset Vandal Account Password

I need to reset my Vandal account password.


SEM Technical Support

Requests for new Slate / Mongoose accounts or permission changes, importing new contacts into Slate, resolution of technical SEM problems, answers to technical SEM questions, technical Slate person query / report set up or modification, or technical SEM training.

Service Contract Request

Initiate service contract requests here.

Signature Event Support Request

Technical assistance for large events across the University.

Smart Phone and Tablet Mail/Messaging

I want to receive and send mail or instant message on my mobile device.

Software Issue

ITS supports core software such as Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge along with Windows 10 OS, Mac OSX, Android OS, Apple iOS. ITS VLab applications and lab software is also supported. Support for all other software is provided as a best effort assistance.

Please see Administrative Applications for support for Banner, Marketplace, FAMIS, Evisions/Argos, etc.

Software Procurement Request

Facutly and Staff use this service to purchase software or renew licensed software for their use on U of I owned computers, including new purchases of Adobe software products such as Creative Cloud or Acrobat Pro DC.

Software Request

Faculty and Staff use this service to request installation of software already available at the University of Idaho. This includes request for Microsoft Teams, adding software to vLabs, and, for Local Support/TSPs, to request software to be packaged and deployed by EMS.

To purchase a software license such as Adobe products (Acrobat Pro DC, Creative Cloud and individual applications) and Microsoft products (Power BI Pro, Project, Visio and Visual Studio) use New Software Procurement Request.

To get support for Administrative Applications (Banner, VandalWeb, Argos, etc.) see Administrative Applications.

Solid Waste Request

To request solid waste service events in and around campus.

Storage and Collaboration Tools Modernization

Storage and Collaboration Tools Modernization

Storage Issues

Problems using Self Service File recovery or other file storage issues.

Student Affairs Technical Support

Request support from Student Affairs Technicians.

Student Computing Lab Issues

I need to report an issue with student computing labs.

Student Computing Lab Request

Information about the Student Computing Labs, requesting new software for the labs, and how to request access to them.

Surplus Delivery Request

This form gives the customer the ability to requests a delivery date for university equipment and other Item (s) that need to go to surplus.
Surplus hours for delivery are Tuesday-Thursday 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 330pm and are 30 time slots.


TeamDynamix Application Support Requests

University supported Enterprise Service Management and Portfolio and Project Management application.

Technology Equipment Surplus

Take away old, broken or outdated technology for you.

Note: All technology that stores data (computers, printers, FAX machines, etc.) must go through the department's IT support to properly prepare and dispose of the equipment.

If devices are on department's U of I inventory, use the U of I Asset Change tool to transfer assets to Orgn Code: 700 Technology Partnerships. Do not transfer to Facilities Surplus. ITS will transfer to Facilities surplus after devices have been prepared for surplus. See U of I's Asset Accounting for more information and instructions.

Technology Security Incident Report

Report an information security incident.

TLS Certificates

How to acquire and appropriately use public key certificates for TLS, SSL, S/MIME, or Code Signing.

Training Request

I need some training on hardware and software.

Training Request

Public Safety and Security training can be requested for departments.

Travel Request

This service is the first step in submitting your travel request. By completing the questions in this ticketing service, your answers will be used to create the travel Pre-authorization in Chrome River. Once complete, your Financial Specialist will submit the request for approval. This service must be completed before any travel is allowed.


University WiFi

I'm having trouble connecting to University WiFi


Vandal Card

I want information related to getting or using a Campus ID card (Vandal Card).

Vandal Card Access Requests

Public Safety and Security provides access service and gatekeeper tools for campus buildings and resources.

VandalWeb Requests

You can request the following VandalWeb services from Business Systems

VPN Access

I need to connect to my University of Idaho resources (Banner, shared drives, etc.) from home or another location off campus.


Warranty Claim Service

Warranty Claim Service provides assistance in returning equipment to vendors for warranty repair.

Web Application Update Request

Web Application Update Request


I have a request or question about getting or using a addressed website.

Webspace Request

Creation of general web space for classes or individual employees.

Whole Disk Encryption

I want to protect the information and high risk data stored on my computer.

WiFi & Connectivity

Service used within TDNext.

Wired Connections

I'm having an issue with my wired internet connection or need a wired port turned on.


Zoom Video Conferencing

I would like information on how to use Zoom video conferencing or set up a Zoom account.