OIT Technology Lending


OIT has a Technology Lending service available for academic purposes. The Student Technology Center lends laptops, projectors, USB-connected cameras, DSLR cameras, cables, adapters and other items for academic purposes. The Tech Lending service also has VandalCard Mobile Card Readers available for checkout to track attendance at University of Idaho events.

Please note: this equipment is only available for academic or related use. It is not for public use or for purposes other than U of I academic mission.


Available Items

The following items can be reserved and checked-out:

  • Laptops
    • These have a current and standard U of I desktop version of Windows. Specialty software must be loaded by ITS staff prior to check-out and therefore needs to be part of the request for reserving the item (note: due to licensing compliance only U of I ITS approved software will be available for Special Requests). Data from the individual using the device should not be stored on the local drive and will be erased upon return.
  • Projectors
    • We have short throw and standard projectors. Some are older and some are newer, so please indicate the type of connector (i.e. – HDMI, USB, VGA, etc.) you will need for your laptop or source device.
  • USB-connected cameras (individual and for a group)
    • Please indicate if the camera will be used for an individual or a group and also indicate the type of connector you will need for the laptop or desktop computer.  We have standard webcams, Owl cameras for small meeting environments, and mobile document readers. 
  • VandalCard Mobile Card Readers (MCR) (for event attendance tracking/reporting)
    • The Mobile Readers come with an Apple iPod for the “host” device and it is wi-fi capable. Please indicate what the MCR will be used for, email address for the person that will get the attendance report and when that report is desired.
  • Cables and Adapters
    • Available adapters are for audio and video connections. We have varying lengths of cables but the standard cables are typically 6’, so if something different is required, please indicate the need with the reservation.


Lending Length

Equipment is lent for a period of 7 days at a time. At the end of 7 days, equipment may be re-checked out if there are no other requests for the equipment. If the equipment is needed for longer than 7 days, let us know. We are happy to make exceptions where necessary to to help meet your needs.


Frequent Questions

  • Projector with Power Cord, HDMI Cord, and VGA Cord.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop with Wired Mouse and Power Cord 

  • AVER Confernence Camera with Mic and Corressponding Cords

  • Presentation Clicker with USB

  • Vandal Card Mobile Card Reader

  • Projector with Power Cord, HDMI Cord, VGA Cord, and Remote 

  • Canon T3 DSLR with Instructions, SD card, and Charger

  • Adjustable Camera Tripod

  • Wired Computer Speakers 

  • HDMI Cord

  • HDMI to Mini HDMI

  • HDMI to VGI


  • Portable Voice Recorder 

  • Compact Disk Reader With USB Cord

  • Wired Web Camera with Carrying Case




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