New index under an existing grant code

This service request will allow you to request setup of a new index or indexes under an existing sponsored project grant code or companion grant code (cost share or program income). 

Please provide a budget breakdown for each new index that also indicates what index(es) and category/ies the funds for these new indexes should come from to net zero (e.g. rebudget from one index to another). Please also provide a suggested index title and complete the 'department/ORGN' field to reflect the unit that you want this additional index setup under. Use the comments field to add specific details per index. 

This service should not be used for an early setup request - if you need an early setup please visit VERAS at to submit the early setup request form in VERAS directly. 


Request Service


Service ID: 877
Tue 9/27/22 4:40 PM
Tue 5/16/23 12:03 PM