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Service used within TDNext.

Requests for training on admission applications in Slate including Slate Reader, assistance with existing admission application reports, and requests for new reports on those in the application stage.

Advancement Data Services is the Advancement department that's responsible for entering, storing, securing, maintaining and retrieving most of the data related to the University of Idaho’s Alumni, supporters, donors and internal operations.

Request University Advancement constituent data.

If you received an award or amendment directly from the sponsor and are unsure whether they copied the notice to either or please complete this form and attach the agreement, amendment, or addendum to initiate Post Award team’s receipt and processing.

Note that to request an early setup or prior approval (no cost extensions, rebudgeting, change of PI, etc. from the sponsor) the process must be initiated in VERAS ( using an "Early Setup" or “Sponsor Prior Approval Request” submission form.

Individuals can request an All Access Pass for campus events.

Every year Adobe products purchased for the UI needs to be renewed or the license is canceled. By submitting this form during the renewal period the licenses are updated for another year.

Support for hardware not working properly including desktop computers, laptops, mice, keyboards, printers, etc.

Request VandalCard electronic access and physical keys for the Multi-use facilities.

Submit a maintenance request for the Idaho Student Union Building, Bruce Pitman Center, Teaching and Learning Center, or Kibbie Dome.

Use this service ticket to submit an EPAF request to the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences.

Requests for Slate related questions, information, and/ or reports can be submitted using this portal.

Reserve a space for a meeting, event or activity.

Department Request for Criminal Background Check

Use this form for updating, creating, or removing any dashboards, views, or templates in CRM.