Technology Equipment Surplus

Note: All technology that stores data (computers, printers, credit card machines, FAX machines, etc.) must go through the department's IT support to properly prepare and dispose of the equipment.

Submit a service request with a description of what you would like to have taken away, where it is currently located and why you want it taken away. If possible please attach a photo of the equipment to provide additional information for us to assist you. Even if the device is not on the ITS standard devices list, if it was purchased with U of I funds, we will provide assistance to take the device away for you.

If devices are on department's U of I inventory, use the U of I Asset Change tool to transfer assets to Orgn Code: 700 Technology Partnerships. Do not transfer to Facilities Surplus. ITS will transfer to Facilities Surplus after devices have been prepared for surplus. See U of I's Asset Accounting for more information and instructions.
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