Submit Revised Budget - Pre-award ONLY

Utilize this service request to initiate pre-award sponsored programs administrator (SPA) review of a revised budget for an existing (and approved) VERAS proposal.

This service request should be submitted for proposals that are not yet awarded, which require a revised budget.


  • any scope of work changes,
  • a budget change of more than 25%,
  • or the addition of cost share (increase to the amount or adding cost share that was not previously offered and approved),

requires a new VERAS proposal (used 'revised' for type).

This service should not be used to submit a revised budget for an awarded project - that should be done via a prior approval or budget transfer. Sponsor prior approvals are initiated in VERAS ( 

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Service ID: 891
Tue 1/3/23 1:10 PM
Fri 9/8/23 11:26 AM