Status Inquiry to OSP

This service allows you to request a status update on an in-process item that is assigned to an OSP team member. If you need a status on an existing and open ticket, please do not create a new ticket here; respond to the original ticket asking for an update.

You can check the status of any item that OSP Post Award has received directly in VERAS at - a list of the statuses and their definitions is contained in the Help menu of VERAS.

If you want to proceed with submitting a ticket here to inquire, please 'request service' and complete all required fields and an OSP member will be assigned to the ticket to provide a status update.

Note that we process items in date-received priority order, and it can take several weeks for us to start processing an item depending on staffing levels and volume. 

Request Service


Service ID: 882
Tue 9/27/22 4:51 PM
Tue 5/16/23 12:05 PM