Technology Security Incident Report

Report a security incident. Example incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • compromised passwords, accounts, or data
  • theft or loss of any university technology resource, or any hardware containing university data
  • infected computers (viruses, malware, rootkits)
  • data / information accessed or accessible by unauthorized individuals, or collected/stored in inappropriate locations
  • unlawful activity, including internal or external hacking or denial of service
  • U of I policy or standard violations

If you aren't sure if something is a security incident we still ask that you report it for confirmation. Per IETF RFC 2142, we can also be reached at For emergency or after-hours response, leave a message at 208-885-1060.

No fee is associated with this service. This service is provided to students, faculty, staff and departments at the University of Idaho.

To report spam or phishing email messages, please see How do I report a phishing message? If you provided credentials on page linked from within a phishing email, please change your password right away and report the incident with this form.


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