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AKA: W:\ drive, S:\ drive, file server, shared, network drive, U:\ drive, disk

ITS locally maintains the W:\ drive on your computer for you to host your own website. You may request a folder to be created, deleted, or recover accidentally deleted files. Sites may be password-protected upon request. At this time only static HTML content is allowed to be hosted. If additional technologies are required, other solutions may be available. Access to the W:\ drive is automatic when your computer is properly setup through your local TSP. TSPs must make sure the computer is joined to the university's domain and uses your NetID for authentication. All webpages hosted by ITS will be available at https://webpages.uidaho.edu/theNameOfYourFolder. Groups are used to manage access to the webpage folders. For example, if Joe requested the folder S:\myDepartment\Data, then the group ss-myDepartment-Data would control access. If Joe adds NetID accounts to the group, then those NetID owners would have access to the Data folder. Permissions are controlled only at the Data folder level. If different permissions need to be applied to a folder further down the structure, please contact your technical support staff. Group owners may use self-help resources at https://help.uidaho.edu/ to change group membership.

We will respond within 4 business hours of receiving a service request.

HTML is currently the only supported language.

There are no charges for this service.

Applies to:

Faculty, Staff, Departments

Related Services:

Shared Drive Support, In-office Assistance, Software Assistance

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