Surplus Delivery Request

Surplus processes have been updated! Please read!

This form gives the customer the ability to request a delivery date for university equipment and other items that need to go to surplus. All items and equipment with asset tags (Red or Yellow Property of University of Idaho stickers) must be submitted through the Asset Change/Surplus Transfer Request portal on Vandal Web. All other items should be provided on the Non-Capital Surplus Delivery List (this can be downloaded on the page attachments at the right hand side of this webpage) and attached to ticket before a surplus delivery request will be approved, after which, a delivery date can be scheduled, and items can be allowed for surplus.

Surplus hours for delivery are Monday through Thursday 8:00AM to 2:30PM.


You can reach the Asset Change/Surplus Transfer request here, OR

To get to the Asset Change/Surplus Transfer request on VandalWeb from the landing page go:

Employees -> Financial Tasks -> Asset Change/Surplus Transfer Requests (this takes a moment to load)


All yellow and red tagged assets must be entered into VandalWeb within 24 hours of a surplus delivery request being submitted. A request will not be approved for scheduling without all  yellow and red tagged assets being entered into the Asset Change/Surplus Transfer Request portal on VandalWeb and all non-tagged items attached to delivery request on Non-Capital Surplus Delivery List. We will try to accommodate your requested date and time, but if changes are required, we will make contact and work with you to find an acceptable date and time.


Without prior communication and planning assets in the VandalWeb portal will be disapproved after 60 days – ensure large delivery projects are planned for and surplus is notified accordingly.

If multiple departments are in on one delivery each department MUST be stated in the description on the service request.

For yellow and red tagged assets being put into the VandalWeb Asset Change/Transfer Request:

If there is an old asset tag on an item that the system says is no longer in use or asset already disposed, please include it on the Non-Capital Surplus Delivery List.

Do not use N/A or unknown for serial numbers or other fields when entering items, leaving lines blank is preferred.

If there are multiple items of the same type and they are not tagged (keyboards, office chairs, three-ring binders, etc.) include them on the same item entry with the amount in the item name (5 keyboards, 12 office chairs, 3 three-ring binders, etc.).

If there are no unique identifiers (serial number, brand name, etc.) for an item and it deserves its own entry describe it in a way that is undeniably the item in question.

Filing cabinets, cabinets, and other office furniture that can store items must be emptied of all contents prior to delivery to surplus.


If there are any questions, please contact surplus at 885-2091/1714 or There are also informational tutorials on the process that can be found at Asset Accounting - Division of Finance and Administration | University of Idaho ( under the “Instructions” drop down.

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