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Are these items located in a satellite location? Yes / No

Was this item in a lab? Yes / No

Did this item contain hazardous materials? Yes / No

Does this item have a memory device (computers, printers, credit card machines, FAX machines, etc.)? Yes / No

Does the item have a Red or Yellow Tag? Yes / No

Lab equipment and items exposed to Hazardous Materials:

All Laboratory equipment must be cleaned and inspected as per University of Idaho policy. Surplus will not accept any lab equipment without the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Certification Form from EHS attached to the equipment that is being delivered.

If you have any items that may contain or have contained hazardous chemicals in the past, please contact Environmental Health and Safety.  Surplus will not accept materials of unknown origin; this includes but is not limited to hazardous chemicals, infectious substances, radioactive materials, compressed gases, dry ice, aerosol cans (and other pressurized items), and more.

If equipment or materials arrive at Surplus without the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Certification Form provided by EHS, the item(s) will not be accepted at the Surplus and will be returned to the department at the sending departments’ expense.

You can find information for hazardous materials and waste on the EHS website at Hazardous Materials and Waste ( as well as the decontamination form at Laboratory Safety (

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If you have any IT assets that may store data (computers, printers, credit card machines, FAX machines, etc.) please submit a ticket with OIT Service - Technology Equipment Surplus for those items. OIT will handle picking up the devices and ensuring they are sent to surplus after being wiped.  DO NOT submit your IT equipment through the Asset Change Request portal on Vandal Web; your IT department will submit all electronic equipment through the vandal web on your behalf. If they are a tagged asset (Red Tag or Yellow Tag), please let your IT department know so they are aware of the tagged asset and can surplus it appropriately.

If you have assets or items that would be difficult, extremely expensive or damaging to move, please email so we can make special arrangements for the disposal of that asset.

All items not fitting the descriptions mentioned above must be sent to surplus regardless of perceived monetary or economic value.

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Red and Yellow Tagged Items:

To begin the surplus process, ensure that all inventoried assets (items with red or yellow property stickers) are entered into the Asset Change Request System. This is found in MYUI under the Finance Self Service, Asset Change / Surplus Transfer Requests.  If you enter the tag and it displays “Asset is already disposed; no further changes can be made” then this item can be submitted at the Surplus Request page.

Ensure all yellow and red tagged assets have been approved by your unit property administrator and Office of Sponsored Programs, if necessary, within 72 hours of a surplus delivery request being submitted.  All items must be included in the Surplus Delivery List which can be found on the Surplus Request landing page. A requested delivery will not be approved for scheduling without all yellow and red tagged assets being entered into the Asset Change/Surplus Transfer Request portal on MYUI and all items are entered into the attached “Surplus Delivery List”. We will try to accommodate your requested date and time, but if changes are required, we will make contact and work with you to find an acceptable date and time.

Without prior communication and planning assets in the VandalWeb portal will be disapproved after 60 days – ensure large delivery projects are planned for and surplus is notified accordingly.

Satellite Locations:

If you are at a satellite location and your item(s) are not going to the Moscow campus surplus location, please go Back to Top and follow the appropriate instruction for your item(s).  Also, please indicate in the Surplus Delivery List how this/these item(s) are disposed in the description of your entry. If you would like to sell your items or need assistance determining the best way to dispose of them, please email us at

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All other Items:

After all Red/Yellow tagged items are in the asset change system you can submit a Surplus Request.  Download the attachment “Surplus Delivery List” and fill out the form with as much information as you have on all items you intend to send to surplus.  Include the Blue/Red/Yellow tag number if a tag is present.  If there are multiple items that are the same, a single entry is fine with a note that indicates the quantity of items.  If the item is larger than 3’ x 3’ x 3’, please include rough dimensions in the notes for that item.  Deliveries can be requested from 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Press the “Request Service” button in the top right corner of the page.  Fill out the form.  Attach your completed “Surplus Delivery List” with all items you intend to include in your delivery.  Items not listed may not be delivered.  If you have been approved for a delivery and find more items you would like to include in the delivery, edit your “Surplus Delivery List” and contact Surplus through your ticket to confirm that these additional items are accounted for in the delivery.

For departmental deliveries, we will schedule a time with you to drop off your items after reviewing your delivery request, items and assets, and preferred delivery times.

For deliveries using a moving company do not schedule a delivery with them prior to submitting a Service - Surplus Request.  The selected moving company should contact surplus to request approval and coordinate a pickup time with you.  Currently the UI does not have a contract or preferred vendor, so search for a local mover and choose the best option for your department.

Surplus does not handle the pickup or delivery of items and assets.

Filing cabinets, cabinets, and other office furniture that can store items must be emptied of all contents prior to delivery to surplus.

If multiple departments are in on one delivery each department MUST be stated in the description on the service request.

For yellow and red tagged assets being put into the VandalWeb Asset Change/Transfer Request:

If there are no unique identifiers (serial number, brand name, etc.) for an item and it deserves its own entry describe it in a way that is undeniably the item in question.

If there are any questions, please contact surplus at 208 885-2091 or

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