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Anti-virus, multi-factor authentication, whole disk encryption, firewall, SSL certificates, data security issues, and Records Center storage.

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Records Center

Articles to assist in the processing and handling of university records.


Articles to assist in requests and appropriate use of public key certificates.

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Pinned Article Third-Party Breaches Related to MOVEit Software

Third party breach information due to MoveIT software zero day affects current and former U of I affiliates.

1Password FAQ

Password manager FAQ

1Password Migration

Lastpass to 1Password migration information.

Approved Storage Locations

The following locations have been approved by OIT for storage of university data, consistent with U of I policies and standards.

Ban of TikTok on University Devices

Under Idaho Law, TikTok has been banned on university devices and networks. These messages or errors may be seen by users trying to access TikTok.

Cyber Safety Tips

Follow these tips to help keep your data, accounts, and the university secure!

Email Phishing FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about email phishing.

Further Security Training

Further protect yourself and our campus with additional security training on using email on mobile devices, avoiding dangerous links, and more.

Guidelines for Compliant Access to High Risk Data

This guide describes the current settings enforced for High Risk data access on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

How do I erase my hard-disk drive?

Instructions on erasing hard disk drives.

How do I erase my iOS device?

Instructions for erasing an iOS device.

How do I erase my solid-state drive?

Instructions on erasing solid-state drives.

How do I install sophos home?

This tutorial explains how to obtain a license and install Sophos Home.

How do I set up a VPN for Linux?

This tutorial goes over how to set up the UI Cisco Any Connect VPN onto a Linux machine.

How do I set up a VPN for MacOS?

This tutorial explains how to set up the UI VPN for a machine running OS X.

How do I set up VPN for iOS?

This tutorial explains how to set up VPN for an iOS device.

How do I set up VPN on Android?

Setting up VPN for Android.

How do I setup disk encryption on a Mac?

Instructions for user setup of Filevault encryption on macOS.

How do I update Google Chrome?

How to check and see that Chrome has the latest updates.

How to access an account during international travel?

Supplemental Terms of Use for International Travel information

How to erase / wipe my Android device?

Instructions on securely erasing an Android devie

How to identify "High Risk" data?

Information to help you identify different classifications of data, which may require different technical controls.

How to reboot a remote BitLocker protected computer?

Remote reboot instructions for BitLocker users.

How to reset a forgotten BitLocker password?

Reset a forgotten BitLocker password when the device is managed only by Intune.

How to set up disk encryption in Windows?

Instructions for user setup of BitLocker PIN on Windows.

HTTP logging requirements for university data

Guidelines for configuring HTTP logging consistent with IT standards

Safe Online Shopping

Remain vigilant this holiday season for hackers, scammers, and online thieves trying to steal your personal and financial information while you shop. To help keep your information secure, please consider the following.

Spam Email

What to do about spam. Some people and business indiscriminately send large amounts of unsolicited commercial email (UCE). In recent years, spam content has expanded to include offensive advertising, malicious content and computer viruses.

System Use Notification

Guidelines to comply with Logon Banner IT standards for APM 30.11.

Technology and Device Security Essentials

Essential Cyber Security Tips for UI Employees

Tips for Avoiding Romance Scams

Reduce your chances of falling victim to a romance scam.

Travel Tips for Cyber Security

Cyber Security Tips for traveling abroad

Vendor Security Assessment Process

This article explains the process used when identifying the risks associated with a particular product or service for the intended use.

What do I do if my identity is stolen?

Resources for victims of identity theft.

What do I do when I forget my encryption passphrase on OSX?

In the case that a user forgets the Power-On-Authentication passphrase that they set when encryption was enabled, this tutorial will demonstrate how a recovery key can be generated so that they can boot their OS X Apple computer and reset their passphrase.

What is acceptable use policy for eduroam?

Information about the acceptable use policy for eduroam.

What is phishing?

Information about and helpful tips on identifying phishing emails.

What is WDE (Whole Disk Encryption)?

This article contains information about Whole Disk Encryption at U of I.

Whole Disk Encryption FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Whole Disk Encryption.

Why do I have to format and re-image my computer after it is infected with a virus?

Malware removal is not an effective way to ensure an infected computer is clean. The best way to approach malware infections is to format and re-image the computer.

Why is it important to secure my account and computer?

This article explains the why and how for implementing different security measures for your account and computer.

Guidelines for Temporary Employees and High Risk Data

Mitigations for use of temporary employees handling high risk data.

How to change my Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) passphrase on Windows?

This document describes the process to change the WDE passphrase (also known as encryption password, boot password or PIN).