How to reset a forgotten BitLocker password?


This article covers how to reset a forgotten BitLocker password.



Step 1

Open Software Center. One method for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is to click the Windows Start button, type "Software Center" in the search box, and click the Software Center app to launch it.

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If you do not see Software Center in the search results then your device might not be managed by Config Manager. Please submit a support ticket at for assistance.


Step 2

Click "Installation Status" on the left hand menu.

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Step 3

Scroll down the list until you find "Set BitLocker PIN". Click it.

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Step 4

Click "Repair".

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Step 5

Click Yes at the confirm repair dialog.

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Step 6

After a few seconds a dialog box appears. Choose and input a new passphrase to unlock your computer at boot. The passphrase should be unique, must be at least 8 characters in length, and should not be your name, phone number, current NetID password, or an easy to guess sequence. Click "Set PIN" after input.

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Step 7

After a few seconds the dialog box should disappear. The new passphrase has been applied and you will need to enter it at startup to unlock the device.



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