How do I format an Aegis encrypted drive for macOS?


This article covers how to format an Aegis secure drive for Mac OS.

Important! Drives formatted for Mac OS may not be recognized by Windows, so make sure the drive does not need to be read by a Windows computer as well.
Important! Formatting the drive will erase all existing data from the device. Your PIN, however, will not change.


Step 1

Unlock and connect the drive to the computer. Refer to How do I use an Aegis encrypted drive? for unlock steps.

Step 2

Open the Mac Disk Utility program from Applications/Utilities/Disk Utilities.

Step 3

Find and select the Aegis Secure Key.

Step 4

Click the Erase tab.

Step 5

Enter a new name for the drive, such as "SecureKey".

Step 6

Select a drive format. Aegis recommends "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)".

Step 7

Click "Erase". The drive will be formatted and should then appear as a drive on the desktop. The drive is ready to use with Mac OS devices.

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