How to reboot a remote BitLocker protected computer?


If you reboot a remote a BitLocker protected computer via Remote Desktop (RDP), the device may halt at the BitLocker PIN prompt and prevent RDP reconnection. BitLocker PINs cannot be entered remotely and require physical presence. If you not at the device's location this can be difficult to resolve.

ITS provided a temporary workaround to bypass the BitLocker PIN upon reboot of a remote computer. This article covers how to use the workaround.

You must follow these steps before each reboot. Installing the package once only applies the workaround once.

Please do not run the package until needed. Reboot immediately after install. Once run, your computer is no longer protected until the next reboot.



Step 1

Open SoftwareCenter. Click the Windows Start button, type "Software Center", and click the SoftwareCenter program:

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Step 2

Locate the package titled "Bitlocker - Suspend Bitlocker.." in the application list and click it:

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Step 3

Click Install. Note if you had previously installed it you may need to click "Reinstall".

3.a Install

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


3.b Reinstall

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Step 4

You may now reboot your computer. Your computer should not halt at the BitLocker PIN prompt and you should be able to remote into your computer after it finishes starting up.

You do not need to install this package if prompted to reboot after Windows patches are installed. The Windows patch process automatically handles BitLocker behind the scenes.



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