How do I unlock an Aegis encrypted drive?


This article covers how to use an Aegis encrypted USB drive. Aegis encrypted drives are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated and use AES XTS 256 bit encryption. The drives are compatible with many compliance areas such as HIPAA which restrict the use of unencrypted drives.

A picture showing the drive's buttons is shown below. Refer to the image when following the unlock process.

Aegis securekey 3z


Step 1

Press the green unlock button.

Step 2

Enter your PIN and then press the green unlock button again. If the PIN is accepted, the green LED should blink.

Step 3

Connect the USB drive to a computer. After a few seconds it should appear as "Secure_Key" in file explorer. The green LED should glow solidly.

The drive will lock immediately after unplugging from the computer. The drive will turn itself off automatically shortly after unplugging.


The drive automatically unlocks when unplugged from a computer.

The drive can also be manually locked at any time by pressing the red lock button.

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