How do I update Google Chrome?

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This article covers how to update the Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC or macOS device.

Web browsers are high value targets for malicious actors, given the ease with which attackers can exploit browser security issues. Keeping your browser up to date helps protect your device and university data. Chrome checks for updates automatically but it does not automatically install them while you have it open. You should close and re-open Chrome periodically, or follow the steps below, to ensure your browser remains up to date.


Step 1

In Chrome, click the 3 dot icon in the upper right.

Chrome browser open, click the 3 dot icon


Step 2

Mouse over "Help", then click "About Google Chrome".

Help about google chrome


Step 3

Chrome will autocheck for updates. It automatically begins the update process if an update is available.

Chrome checking for and downloading updates


Step 4

Click the "Relaunch" button once it appears to complete the update. You can also close and reopen Chrome manually.

Click relaunch to update

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