How do I set up a VPN for Windows?

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Download VPN



If you have already installed the VPN client, you can skip to the "Connecting to the VPN" section.


Installing the VPN:

Step 1:

Run the Cisco-AnyConnect-Windows.exe file.

Download and run the Cisco AnyConnect installer.

Step 2:

Click "Install Selected"

Select at least the first option to install.

Step 3:

Accept the EULA (End User License Agreement).

Windows AnyConnect License Agreement


Connecting to the VPN:

Step 4:

Select the client from the start menu.

Run the Client once installed.

Step 5:

Select “Connect”.

Connect to the VPN.

Step 6:

Enter your Net ID in the Username field your password in the Password field. If you use Duo push as your default, you should be prompted to approve. Otherwise, for more information on accessing the VPN with Duo, please see How do I use the VPN with Duo?

Enter your UI credentials.


Configuring the VPN to Start Before Login*:


Step 7:

Open AnyConnect, then select the gear icon to bring up the settings menu.

To open the client, select the icon from the task bar.

Windows Connection Settings

Step 8:

Under the Preferences tab, check the box next to “Start VPN before user logon to computer.”

Select the option to have the VPN start before login.

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