macOS End of Life

macOS 11 Big Sur is no longer supported or patched by Apple and Sophos support for macOS Big Sur has also ended. Allowing these machines to remain connected, unpatched, and unprotected, is no longer an acceptable risk and violates UI policies and standards and may put personal or research data at risk.

macOS 11 Big Sur received its last security update in September 2023 and is no longer supported.

Currently supported macOS versions are:

  • macOS 12: Monterey
  • macOS 13: Ventura 
  • macOS 13: Sonoma

What if I need assistance upgrading macOS or replacing equipment?

Information on current recommended hardware is available from the Office of Information Technology.

If you have questions or need assistance upgrading or replacing a computer, please create a ticket so a TSP or your Local Support can contact you to discuss hardware replacement. Service - Hardware Procurement Request


How to upgrade your macOS and which macs are compatible:


Is there an exception process?

Requests for exceptions may be submitted to the Information Security Office which will assess the risk and make a recommendation. Mitigations may be required at department expense.


After December 18, 2023 will I have internet access?

If you are using a computer with macOS 11 (Big Sur) or older installed, it may be removed from the network and no longer be able to connect to the Internet. Note that it is already unsafe to use unpatched computers to browse the Internet or access email, and use of these devices should be limited until they are replaced.

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