Further Security Training

Further protect yourself here by taking the following security training modules available through OIT and Proofpoint: 

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Module 1: Avoiding Dangerous Attachments 

  • Identify and avoid dangerous email attachments.

  • Runtime: 9 minutes

Module 2: Avoiding Dangerous Links

  • Recognize common email traps and avoid dangerous links.

  • Runtime: 9 minutes

Module 3: Email Security on Mobile Devices

  • When using a mobile device, it can be harder to spot dangerous emails. Learn to identify and avoid phishing emails on mobile devices.

  • Runtime: 10 minutes

Module 4: Protecting Against Ransomware

  • Ransomware could lead to you losing access to everything on your computer. Learn to recognize and prevent ransomware attacks.

  • Runtime: 12 minutes

Module 5: Spear Phishing Threats

  • Attackers will often target specific members of an organization to gain access. Learn to recognize and avoid targeted phishing attacks.
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
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