How do I gain firewall access?


The ITS Server Firewall Administration Standard requirements and process are outlined below. This information is provided primarily for the use of University of Idaho system administrators. Should you have questions, please contact your system administrator or TSP.

Access to the NMS firewall management tools (specifically the grant of the server-admin role) is restricted to the employees of the U of I.

  1. Requirements
  2. Process for Granting Access
  3. Exceptions

Request firewall assistance

U of I employee Requirements:

The U of I employee must meet the following requirements:

  • Board appointed
  • ROJD has IT network support and server administration responsibilities
  • Scope of responsibility is college, division, center (including research) wide
  • Dean/AVP specifically request this access
  • Judgment and knowledge confirmed by CIO or designee via one or more of the following: interview, resume, or reference checks
  • NMS change access

The Process for Granting Access:

Employee who already has NMS access emails the following information to their Dean or AVP with a request for access to the ITS border firewall management tools:

  • Name
  • UserID
  • Job Title
  • College/Division/Center Name
  • Supervisor Name
  • Name of IT Backup(s), if any
  • ROJD (attached)Board appointed
  • Dean forwards this request to stating their support
  • The network team forwards a completed request to the CIO, or designee.
  • The CIO or designee confirms the individual(s) meet the standards outlined above
  • If the standard is met, CIO or designee sends an email granting permission for the access to the Network Team, cc’ing the Dean/AVP and individuals.
  • If the standard is not met, CIO or designee sends an email stating which elements of the standards are not met.

After approval, additional steps include:

  • NMS Training by NetTeam
  • Access Granted by DNS domain.


Any Dean/AVP may request an exception to above standards, for a limited time, by submitting in writing the following information through a VP or Provost to the UI Chief Information Officer (CIO):

  • Requester’s Name
  • Date of Request
  • Requirement Number
  • Rationale and time period for which exception is requested
  • Steps to be taken to mitigate security risks

The CIO will consult with the Financial Vice President and/or Provost, as necessary, prior to making a decision on the request. The CIO will notify the Requester of the final decision and document any special terms/conditions.

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