How do I erase my Solid-State Drive?

Solid-State Drives

This article outlines methods to securely erase a solid-state drive. Solid-State drives offer faster transfer speeds and robustness in comparison to Hard Disk drives. Most machines made in the last few years utilize Solid-State drives. Their robustness also makes it more difficult to confirm erasure of sensitive data. As a result, erasing Solid-State Drives typically requires encrypting the drive before erasing it to ensure that data is less likely to be recoverable by malicious actors. Some Solid-State drives are compatible with an ATA Secure Erase command. What this command does and how it is implemented differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Ensure that the drive is either encrypted before an erase with the command (as is an option with most manufacturer tools) or encrypt it before you erase it. You may also use third-party commercial software such as Parted Magic.

The preferred method for sanitizing data on solid-state drives is to use software tools provided by the manufacturer.


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