How do I set up a VPN for MacOS?

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Download VPN

* Requires prior authorization. Click "Request VPN Access" to request authorization.


If you have already installed the VPN Client, you can skip to the "Connecting to the VPN" section.



Installing the VPN:

Step 1:

Download and mount (double-click) the Cisco-AnyConnect-OSX.dmg.

Mac AnyConnect Install File

Step 2:

Double-click the vpn.pkg icon.

Mac Add AnyConnect to Applications

Step 3:

Continue through the Introduction and Agree to the Software License Agreement (EULA.)

Mac AnyConnect License Agreement

Step 4:

Select Install. You may be prompted at this point for the username and password for your computer.

Mac AnyConnect Install

Connecting to the VPN:

Step 1:

Go to Applications>Cisco and double click Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

Mac AnyConnect Location

Step 2:

Select Connect in the window that appears, select the VandalVPN group (as appropriate).

Mac Connect

Step 3:

Enter your Net ID in the Username field your password in the Password field. If Duo push is your default method, you should be prompted to approve. Otherwise, for more information on accessing the VPN with Duo, please see How do I use the VPN with Duo?

Mac Log in

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