File Storage

New storage location requests, increases for storage space, recovering files, large storage requests, webspace requests, and storage issues.

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Drive Mappings for Shares

Drive letter mappings for users

How to access and view OneDrive storage metrics?

How to access and view OneDrive Storage Metrics

How to access on-premises "S: Drive" from home?

Information on how to access network drives when not connected to the university network.

How to map on-premises "S: Drive" in Windows?

A tutorial on how to map U and S drives to a computer running Windows. It includes instructions using the QuickConnect tool, as well as manually mapping the drives.

How to mount on-premises "S: Drive" on a Mac?

This article describes how to mount U and S drives to a Mac running OSX.

How to request a new on-premises "S: Drive" folder?

This article explains the process to request a new S: Drive folder. It also explains the Structure of the S: Drive, and how to change the owner of a folder .

How to restore files and folders on a SharePoint storage site and OneDrive?

This knowledge base article shows how to recover a deleted file from the SharePoint Storage site.

Use of Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint

Which Microsoft storage and collaboration tool should you use in various situations? This article describes the use of each along with U of I's intentions for file storage.

How to manage access to SharePoint storage folders?

Individual files or folders on a SharePoint Storage site cannot be shared like files and folders on OneDrive. The folder's owner must add a University of Idaho faculty or staff to the SharePoint Storage Folder security group. This knowledge base articles show how an owner of SharePoint Storage Folder can give access to University employees.

How to sync SharePoint folders and files?

This article describes how to sync SharePoint folders and files with the OneDrive client.

What are the SharePoint storage site and folder naming guidelines?

Learn about the requirements for SharePoint Storage locations.