File Storage

New storage location requests, increases for storage space, recovering files, large storage requests, webspace requests, and storage issues.

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Appropriate use of OneDrive

Information about the appropriate use of OneDrive at University of Idaho.

File Storage Migration to the Cloud

End of Spring Semester 2020 UofI's primary file storage will be Cloud based. On premise storage will still be available as needed for research and other business or academic related requirements. During the semester ITS will work with colleges and departments to move all eligible files from on premise to cloud storage. Personal storage will use OneDrive (analogous to the on premise U: drive). College, department and other 'group' file storage will use SharePoint (analogous to S: drive).

How do I access my User and Shared drives while off campus?

Information on how to access UI drives off campus.

How do I manage my U: Drive quota?

This article explains the steps to check and manage your U: Drive quota. It also gives suggestions to lower the amount of storage space you have used, and gives the information needed to request more storage space.

How do I manage quotas on S:\ drive folders?

Quotas have been applied to all permissions-level folders on the S:\ drive. These are in place to prevent unchecked data consumption, monitor growth, and prevent file service outages. This article contains information on what quotas are set to and how you can help.

How do I mount my U and S drives in Windows?

A tutorial on how to map U and S drives to a computer running Windows. It includes instructions using the QuickConnect tool, as well as manually mapping the drives.

How do I mount my U and S drives on my Mac?

This article describes how to mount U and S drives to a Mac running OSX.

How do I request a new S: Drive folder?

This article explains the process to request a new S: Drive folder. It also explains the Structure of the S: Drive, and how to change the owner of a folder .