How do I access SharePoint Storage?



The University of Idaho has created a SharePoint Storage Hub Site available through the Microsoft 365 dashboard.   This storage is for department shared spaces internal to U of I.  It is not to be used for any High Risk Data that might compromise the confidentiality of our students, staff, faculty, and partners.  


Login to SharePoint for the First Time

When you are added to the SharePoint Storage sites for the first time, there are a few simple steps to take to tailor your ongoing experience.  

  • From your browser, go to  to access the folders on the University of Idaho's SharePoint Storage site. 

  • Login using your U of I Email Address and Password.   

  • Using the navigation menus on the left pane on your screen, select your department. 

  • It is highly recommended to "follow” your department/group share by clicking on the star in the upper right (change "Not Following" to "Following").  


  • This will help you get to this site quickly from other Microsoft applications. 

  • It is also highly recommended you bookmark the location in your browser. 

If you are having problems, go to our Support Page to submit an incident. 


When you visit this site you will see a menu at the top of the page showing links to individual Department Storage Sites. This top and side menu navigation is available across all sites.

If you visit a Department Storage Site and you only see a "Readme.url" link, you do not currently have access to any folders on the site. You will need to work with your supervisor to get access to individual department folders.


Quick Links and More Information

SharePoint Storage Hub Site

Training Videos

Sync SharePoint Folders and Files​​​​​​


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