How to mount on-premises "S: Drive" on a Mac?


This tutorial will walk you through explaining on-premises "S: Drive" is and mounting the drive on an OSX-based system. The steps to map your drives are the same for both on campus and off campus machines with one exception: machines off campus must be connected to VPN before mounting and using the drives.


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Step 1

Select Go in the menu bar and click on Connect to Server… 

In the Server Address field type in which server you’d like to connect to:

  • Shared space: smb://
  • User directory: smb://
  • Academic website: smb://

 Note: if the U: drive appears to be blank when using the User directory server address above, then extend the server address with the first letter of your NetID, followed by your full NetID username, separated by slashes. For example, with Joe Vandal's NetID of "jvandal", the User directory address would be...


Go to Connect to Server.
Select "Go" from the top menu, then "Connect to Server"


Step 2

If you would like to save the server address for future connections, click on the + icon to add the address to your Favorite Servers. Once you are ready to connect, press the connect button.

Enter in the correct server address.
Type in the address of the folder to which you want access.


Step 3

A dialogue box should prompt you for your university credentials.

In the Name field, highlight your OS X username and delete it; enter your university username. Enter your university password in the Password field.

If you do not want to be prompted for your credentials again, select Remember this password in my Keychain, which will store your password for future use. Click "Connect" again to complete the process.

You are now connected and can re-connect to the shared drive or user drive in a similar manner.

Enter your UI credentials.
A login prompt with "registered user" selected and credentials entered.




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